Our Services

Details of free services rendered by our Hospital

MAPIMS provided free medical aid to the rural poor like Diagnosis, Investigations, treatment and Medicines to one and all through its out patient department. On an average, 1200 out patients are being treated every day and free medicines are given to them. Medical and Surgical specialties in all branches (General physician, Medical Oncologist, Medical Gastroenterologist, Nephrologists, Throcic Medicine physician, General Surgeon, Neurology surgeon, Orthopedics Surgeon, ENT Surgeon, O&G unit with chief and infertility clinic and Family welfare clinic and 24 hours Operation Theater, ICU, Laboratory, Blood Bank, Ultra sound , X-ray, CT, EG, EEG, Audiogram, Endoscopy all services are available in this hospital , Apart from this senior medical professionals from Chennai visit the hospital every week to render expert medical advice to a large number of people from over 600 surrounding villages. Emergency, Ambulance services and casually medical services are also made available round the clock.

Eye Camp

Every year from 1986 onwards we are conducting free eye camp during the month o February / March on the occasion of his holiness Guru Amma’s birthday celebration, so for around 15000 Patients have benefited. Apart from the above camp regular eye surgeries are done thrice in a week from 2001 onward 50 patients are benefited every week.

ENT Camp

Every year regular free Tonsillectomy camps are done during student’s vacation period. All students from poor income group in and around melmaruvathur and even far of places are benefited by this free Tonsillectomy camps. Free hearing aids are given to needy patients.

Rural Health Centre

Our doctors visit periodically (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) to our rural health centre at poraiyur and doing free services. Follow up treatment to the affected patients are given.

Family Welfare

We are doing regularly Family Welfare Surgeries (LSCS with sterilization, puerperal sterilization and TAT. From july 2002 approximately 10 - 15 cases are done per month.

Dental Camp

Regularly we are conducting free Dental camps in nearby villages as well as educational institutions since August 2001. Totally 64 such camps have been conducted upto july 2007. Total number of beneficiaries is 11634.