About Us

Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research is being run from the year 1986, started as a service provider to the poor, lower socioeconomic group of people of surrounding 750 villages, most of whom toil as agricultural labourers. The institution has slowly developed into a primary secondary and tertiary care provider as a 300 bedded multispeciality hospital with an average out patient strength of 1200 per day.

Various departments like casualty, emergency Services, General Medicine, General Surgery, Anaesthesiology, O&G, paediatrics, Ophthalmology, ENT, Orthopedics, Radiology, Nephrology,Urology,Neurology,Neurosurgery,TB and chest. Medicine, Dermatology, Venereoleprology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology,Oncology, Plastic Surgery, Blood Bank various branches of dental Surgery and dental Medicine etc are providing the up-to-date, ultra modern services to the rural poor people as it is provided in urban multi speciality hospitals.

Both the Outpatient Services and inpatient services are provided free of cost.

The health care providers in this institution are well experienced, and well qualified with post graduation and super speciality degrees.

The casualty, ICU, Intensive Neonatal care are functioning round the clock with all the life saving measures like central oxygen, central suction, multiparametermonitor, ventilators,defibrillators etc. and being managed by qualified persons.

The department of medicine, surgery, OG, paediatrics, etc., provide all the modern services. In the department of medicine apart from the routine treatment, Hypertension and Diabetic op are conducted with special emphasis. The department of O & G runs antenatal clinic, postnatal clinic, infertility clinic, cancer screening clinic, Family welfare clinic and provides all the medical and surgical services to the women. All the operative procedures both vaginal and abdominal, including laparoscopy both diagnostic and operative, hysteroscopy, surgery for all gynaec tumours, colposcopy directed biopsy cervix are done.

All the diagnostic and operative procedures for infertility including Non Surgical and microsurgical recanalisation for infertility undertaken.

The department of ophthalmology is well equipped with qualified persons and infrastructural facilities. It performs all routine and special procedures with latest equipments like phaco emulsifier, Green laser to diabetic retinopathy, Fundus Flurescein angiogram with fundus camera , Automatic perimetry to Diagnose and assess glaucoma. Every year camp for cataract surgery and other ophthalmologic disorders and refraction errors are being undertaken. About 1300 cataract surgeries are being done through out this year apart from the 1150 cataract surgeries done in the mega eye camp. Steps are being taken for establishment of eye bank.

In urology almost all routine and latest procedures and surgeries are done, including Ureteroscopy, transurethral rsection of prostate (TURP), all open surgeries including nephrectomy, reconstructive surgeries etc., Extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy is done to the poor , agricultural patients coming from the surrounding villages, who could not afford. Steps are being taken for renal transplantation, in the immediate future.

The services of the department of gastroenterology is a boon to the rural people with upper and lower G.I endoscopy, Diagnostic and clinical gastroenterology, hepatology services, CT guided procedures including FNAC, etc.,

In the department of Radiology apart from routine procedures with routine infrastructural facilities, the uses of spiral CT is fully available for rural folk.

In additio to ultra sound abdomen, Foetal Doppler, Peripheral vascular Doppler, Echo cardiography services are also made available.

Anaesthesiology department has 4 operation theater in addition to emergency OT & minor OT. Apart from performing routine anaesthetic procedures, emergency airway management in casualty & Trauma care are done by them. All the latest equipment like Boyles, ETCO2 monitor, multi parameter monitor, Defibrillator, latest version of puritan Bennet Ventilators etc. are available . The pain clinic is also run by the department providing painless post operative care, painless labour, painless palliative care etc.

All procedures such as Tonsillectomy, mastoidectomy, septoplasty, myringoplasty, stapedectomy, functional endoscopic sinus surgery [FESS] etc., are performed in the department of ENT. Removal of vocal nodules, foreign body removal through bronchoscopy, micro laryngeal surgeries, Laryngo pharyngectomy, maxillectomy, uvulo palato pharyngoplasty are also provided. Head ache clinic, vertigo clinic are also conducted.

The department of nephrology, runs low cost dialysis centre with latest haemodialysis machine .

The Laboratory services are available round the clock with almost all modern equipment s like cell counter, semi-auto analyzer, fully automated analyzer, Elisa reder, Blood gas analyzer, electrolyte analyzer, flame photometer etc., All haemotological investigations, investigations on urine, stool, sputum, aspirates, serological investigations, investigations for HIV, Hepatitis, routine and special culture and sensitivity for micro organisms in various biological materials, all Biochemistry investigations, full pledged histopathological studies on biopsy, etc., are provided as adjuvant to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

The services of the licenced Blood Bank, which runs round the clock, is also available.

This institution is being run with the high ideals of implementing all the national health programmes and national health policies, and is a committed health care provider especially to the rural people.