Anatomy is a fundamental subject of the medical curriculum. Anatomy department of our MAPIMS has a A/C Lecture hall, excellent Practical labs, Dissection hall, Research lab and Seminar hall with all modern teaching & learning facilities.


Our department has a spacious, well ventilated dissection hall with adequate number of instruments, dissecting tables and cadavers to give proper training to the students. To gain a sound anatomical knowledge all students are compulsorily made to dissect the cadaver everyday to make the subject lovable and interesting.


Histology lab is well equipped with all instruments, microscopes, slides and chemicals. Additionally we have 11 binocular camera attached microscopes connected with computer and one connected with CCTV. All students are given histology slide and microscope individually during practical hours to gain a good histological knowledge in addition to theory classes.


It is well arranged with Hot air ovens, Refrigerator, Weighing machine, microtome and all necessary chemicals.


As it is an attractive section of Anatomy Department, due care has been taken to develop the museum. Our Museum hall is spacious and well ventilated with very good light source. More than 150 Specimens which are carefully dissected and mounted in glass jars. They are well displayed on the tables under different sections as dry & wet. Adequate number of catalogues are prepared and kept to enable the students to learn the specimens easily.

Adequate number of embryology and gross anatomy models are displayed with brief explanatory notes for each model. To gain a thorough knowledge of Osteology, we have 10 articulated skeleton and more than 30 sets of disarticulated bones. To train them in Radiology, more than 100 X-rays are made available.


Our department is fulfilled with eminent, well qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers who are students friendly and more approachable. Anatomy is taught by them by a balanced approach with a combination of lectures, practicals, seminars & symposia with multimedia device.